ALGERIA - Oranie and Aures


9days to discover the north of Algeria and its various treasures: ancient history, culture, archeology, and mountains.


This trip takes you to explore the entire northern region of Algeria. You will discover a region rich in historical and cultural value. In Tlemcen, history of Almoravids and Almohad. Then it will Oran, the capital of Rai, before the White Algiers and Constantine. The ancient cities of Tipaza and Timgad transport you to the Algeria of Ancient Rome. The trip ends with balconies Ghoufi, archaeological site of the Aures region, the heart of a lush palm grove.




  • D1- Europe - Oran - Tlemcen
  • D2- Tlemcen - Oran

Tlemcen was the capital of Zianides: 800m above sea level, is home to many orchards and historic buildings: Andalusian citadel, mosques, the tomb of Sidi Boumediene. Then the way to Oran.

  • D3- Oran

Oran "Bahia," is a dynamic city with a museum of Fine Arts, the Cathedral of the Sacred Heart, a fort and the emblem of the city: the church of Santa Cruz. From the esplanade the view is breathtaking on the city and its surroundings: the mirror of the Great Sebkha The Great Salt Lake to the south, the Sahel and the chain Tessala ...

  • D4- Oran - Alger

Transfer then visit Alger la Blanche: his port, the great Mosque of the Casbah, Our Lady of Africa, ...

  • D5- Alger - Tipaza - Constantine

The Roman site of Tipaza is world heritage of mankind: we see the amphitheater, temples, villas, ... and museum exhibits all the riches from the excavations: Punic steles, Roman statues, sarcophagi ... Then visit the bay and the monument to the martyrs "Makkam Ech-Shaheed" before joining Constantine, a city perched in my mountains.

  • D6- Constantine

Visit Constantine between his bridge suspended over ravines veritigneux. A full day of visits in which you are leading civilizations, history, religion since the city of Cirta exist until the current Constantine.

  • D7- Constantine - Djemila - Timgad - Batna

Djemila "beautiful" and its Roman ruins in planning tailored to the mountains and its museum. Then Timgad and ruins more than 1000m above sea level: an entire city homeless at incredibly regular grid; before joining Batna.

  • D8- Batna - Ghoufi - Biskra - Batna

Also in the mountains hiding houses on cliffs in Biskra and "balconies" of Ghoufi. A trip before visiting the grove M'Chounech and return to Batna for the night.

  • D9- Batna - Constantine - Europe


The circuit shown is an example: Changes are possible on this trip to your choice according to your desires, "the map".

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ALGERIA - Oranie and Aures

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